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Our Mission

The roots of lacrosse, or the "The Medicine Game", are in the symbolic representation of spiritual ritual to honor, heal, and celebrate the individual and communities. Our goal is to appropriately honor indoor box lacrosse by spreading awareness through proper training, providing avenues to participate in authentic box lacrosse experiences, and continue to foster the growth of the game in the state of Michigan and other adjacent areas of the Midwest. 


About Us

We are a conglomerate of impassioned individuals possessing a widely ranged wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and indoor box lacrosse community both abroad and in Michigan. The MBLL is an inclusive community based providing an outlet to all those with a desire to learn, play, coach, officiate, promote, and grow box lacrosse in the state of Michigan. We all understand and want to share the immense benefits of box lacrosse and its impact on the growth of lacrosse in the pursuit of making Michigan a hotbed for the sport.  

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